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An Empowering Roadmap to Personal Freedom  



My goal is to help clients know themselves, question their perceptions, and see

the bigger picture in learning how to Let it Go. My mentoring method is based

on my own quest to achieve inner harmony by studying  psychological and spiritual

principles in workshops, classes, study groups,  and literature. It was further

developed through training at the Southwest  Institute of Healing Arts and is  based

on my upcoming publication (See Keys to Letting Go.) My clients set their  goals,

and my role as mentor is to maintain their confidentiality, to guide, teach,  motivate,

support, and  equip them with tools for empowerment. My process  includes the

following stages:

1.   Define Personality Type

We begin with my clients determining their personality type by using the Enneagram of Personality Types refined and updated by Helen Palmer and David Daniels, M.D. of Stanford University. The Enneagram is a powerful tool for growth that enables people to understand their perceptions and motivations as well as the viewpoints of others. (See Personality Types.)

2.   Create a Roadmap

Based on issues my clients identify, I design a personalized "roadmap"  to help them gain new perspectives to work through their challenges and to help guide them on a positive path for growth.

3.   Coach and Shift Perceptions

With the roadmap as a guide, I use empathic listening and engage clients in a joint process of self-inquiry by asking thought-provoking questions which lead to clarity. From a place of compassion and nonjudgment,

I mentor clients on how to recognize the personal perceptions they project onto others and that others project onto them. This approach is based in part on A Course in Miracles, a field of study which defines a miracle as a shift in perception. I combine this with Byron Katie’s method of self-inquiry to help clients question their thinking and arrive at their own insights.

4.   Intertwine Effective Resources

I integrate profound teachings, inspiration, and wisdom of specialists in psychology and spirituality. I also provide clients with helpful materials and recommend various resources for achieving their roadmap goals. Furthermore,

I share impactful insights from my own life experiences.

5.   Agree Upon Actions and Accountability

With my clients’ agreement, each session ends with them committing to one or more actions with completion dates and accountability to move them forward. I then follow up with my clients and suggest topics for our

next session.

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Elevating people to become self-empowered throughout their lives.

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